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Overland Health is a full-service, integrated, rehabilitation provider. Through the use of cloud-based technology, evidence-based assessment and management tools, and outcome focused programmes, we offer clients a unique multi-disciplinary rehabilitation service. This integrated approach is an alternative to the current silo provision of rehabilitation and delivers a measurably faster return to work/function times and clear cost benefits.

Our experienced clinical team has established and oversees UK-wide networks of physiotherapistscounsellors and psychologists, in addition to nationwide coverage for specialist occupational rehabilitation assessment and treatment. These networks are all governed in line with over-arching clinical principles which focus on internationally-recognised assessment tools and best practice models.

We have put into practice the biopsychosocial model to provide outcome focused assessments and recommendations that deliver clear prognostic recommendations and real-time information on likely duration, costs and rehabilitation plans. Treatment provided is also measured against clear goals which eliminate therapy drift and provide unparalleled visibility over outcomes.

Serving clients in the occupational health, insurance rehabilitation and medico-legal rehabilitation sectors, we offer:

Referrers from the insurance, workplace health and medico-legal markets are currently benefiting from the Overland Approach.

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