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Overland Health is a leading provider of Health, Work and Rehabilitation Solutions.

We combine clinical expertise, research and advanced technological capabilities to provide our customers with a range of high quality rehabilitation solutions.

Embracing a ‘stepped-care’ model of rehabilitation, we offer triage, light-touch and more intensive rehabilitation services for Physical, Psychological and Complex Injury presentations. We also offer specialist assessments and interventions for the workplace and provide diagnostics, specialist medical assessments and medical treatments.

We are a technology focused company. Our Healthcare Technology platforms support our uncompromised approach to clinical excellence and rehabilitation best-practice, providing sound operational capabilities such as efficient patient management, process control and reliable service delivery.

Who We Assist

We are a full-service business-to-business provider for the insurance, personal-injury, occupational health, corporate and public sectors.

We provide:

  • Reliable, consistent and uniform delivery Nationwide
  • An uncompromised approach to clinical excellence and rehabilitation best practice
  • High quality clinically governed rehabilitation
  • Early intervention
  • A unique technology platform reducing administration for our referrers and providing visibility, transparency and control
  • Clear, objective and goal/outcome focussed treatments and reports
  • Access to real time decision support information

To better understand how your business can benefit from Overland Health's service solutions, we invite you to call us on 0344 241 3352 to speak to a member of our Customer Support Team.

What our patients say about us.

The treatment I received was top class and enabled me to gain 90% skeletal function

- W.H, Kent

The service was amazing from start to finish. Especially under the circumstances everyone was so helpful and friendly in aiding my recovery. Thank you

- M.S, Manchester

I feel the service I was provided was 10/10. My practitioner was excellent and extremely friendly and professional. She had great interest in her career and created a wonderful environment making the experience overall fantastic

- J.E, Essex

Excellent service especially when booking 3 sessions together for 3 Family members

- C.S, Walsall

Your treatment has been key in my ability to self maintain and minimise on-going back pain. i will be back periodically to "top-up

- R.W, Cambridge