A Technology Focused Company

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Our web portal and configurable technology platform supports the effective delivery of our services and enables us to accommodate individual referrer needs. We can therefore provide different solutions for our referrers, from web portal access, to secure data exchange between systems or integration through application-to-application configuration. We aim to always provide our referrers with visibility and control, ensuring transparency and openness regarding performance.

Referrer Web-Portal

Our referrer portal enables our referrers to:

  • Securely refer a patient
  • View all referred patients and their current status
  • Track-and-trace attendance, progress and outcome
  • View all assessment and treatment reports
  • View multiple patient interventions in one place
  • Tiered levels of access

Our portal reduces administrative burden for our referrers and offers secure and unparalleled levels of visibility and control. Our technology enables us to deliver a better service at a lower cost, with a paperless online platform improving data integrity and removing unnecessary time and expense for all parties.

Practitioner Portal

Our cloud-based system supports practitioners with a secure online tool to maintain a constant flow of patient progress information and assessment reports to maximise the operational efficiency of Overland Health’s service.

By logging-on to our encrypted server, clinical providers can benefit from organising their Overland Health caseload within our portal environment to offer a high-level of data quality and report submission with minimal administration time. The tool also offers service performance feedback as part of our supply management strategy, so a clinic has full visibility on the service standards required by Overland Health - and how they measure up.

The system has been designed from the outset to support the bio-psychosocial approach. Physiotherapy assessment forms, for example, ask practitioners to comment on potential issues of psychological overlay which are instantly auto-flagged to our clinical team.

Patient Online Triage

For patients who may benefit from Physiotherapy treatment Overland Health has developed a versatile online triage tool that enables an injured party to complete the triage questionnaire at their leisure.

Fully-secure and supported by a specifically-designed FAQ section, the portal is a convenient alternative to the traditional telephone triage, providing a solution to reach uncontactable patients, or those not able to speak at the time of calling.

Each completed online triage is reviewed and approved by our experience operations team before arranging the recommended treatment.

Management Information

All referrers have direct access to our online referrer portal providing extensive visibility over status, progress and rehabilitation information for single, multiple or simultaneous treatments.

In addition to our web portal capability, Overland Health operates a highly secure case management tool that has powerful and best-in-class reporting capabilities. We can provide different types, combinations and levels of management information and can provide tailored reporting based upon the needs of the referrer.

Information Security

Our online portal is secure and encrypted using HTTPS authentication. Our portals are password secured and we can provide additional security measures such as IP access control.