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Overland Health is experienced in providing a range of solutions for Occupational Health companies and employers. We offer a range of work focused rehabilitation services, such as Physiotherapy or CBT and specific assessments such as ergonomic evaluations. Whether your requirement is for a specific rehabilitation service or a more bespoke service, Overland Health has the expertise you need to ensure a positive outcome and return-on-investment.

We provide the following services:

Work-focused Rehabilitation Programmes

For an employee with a physical or psychological need, and who is absent from work or is preparing for work, we are able to provide tailored physical and psychological rehabilitation to overcome barriers to return to work.

Pre-employment Screening

Starting with a job demand analysis of the target job, Overland Health have successfully developed highly tailored and bespoke assessment protocols to assess a candidate’s functional capability to perform a target job safely and reliably. Our pre-employment screenings protocols are also able to identify and provide valuable information on any considerations, precautions and adjustments that an employer may need to undertake.

Functional Capacity Evaluations

A Functional Capacity Evaluation is a highly objective assessment of a person’s functional capability and ability to undertake work related tasks on a dependable and reliable basis. These evaluations are for individuals in or out of work and provide essential and objective information on capability to inform decision making for employment, insurance or disability analysis purposes. These evaluations can also inform rehabilitation needs or workplace adjustments.

Worksite Assessments

This on-site assessment is for employees at work or absent and experiencing difficulty with work tasks, or barriers to returning to work, due to health needs or other physical or psychological barriers. The assessment involves an assessment of the individual, their work tasks and job demands to develop a constructive assessment and guidance on need, adjustments, advice and return-to-work planning.

Ergonomic Assessments

Our ergonomic assessments are for employees that require specialist assessment and advice to ensure their work tasks and work environment are optimal for comfort, productivity, prevention or exacerbation of an injury or condition and legal compliance (for example Display Screen Regulations).

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