Company Overview

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Overland Health was established in 2009 with a completely new vision for serving the rehabilitation market – to provide rehabilitation according to the tenets of evidence-based-practice and bio-psychosocial rehabilitation. 

Although the vision itself was not radical, actually bringing this approach to life required a new kind of business with a focus upon clinical excellence underpinned by technology solutions - such as creating a single platform for physical, psychological and occupational rehabilitation. With 8 years’ experience we are proud to say that we have assisted over 400,000 patients with their rehabilitation.

Overland Health bucked the competitor trend of antiquated systems, a cost-plus business model and a “silo” approach. Instead, we provide an enhanced business-to-business proposition providing efficient, effective and flexible ways of working, that are still focused on providing uncompromised clinical excellence and rehabilitation best-practice

 We are committed to:

  • A high-quality and clinically governed model of rehabilitation service delivery
  • Easy-to-access technology with visibility of patient progress and performance
  • Efficient business-to-business solutions, including web-platforms, secure web-service data-exchange, application-to-application integration, best in class MIS reporting capabilities and robust process control 
  • An integrated, multi-disciplinary approach providing physical, psychological and medical services through a single web-based MIS tool
  • Highly objective and outcome focused treatment information 

Our ability to achieve our vision is founded on the strength and commitment of our experienced team.

In 2015 we became part of the Slater Gordon Group.