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Overland Health is an experienced and established provider within the personal injury market. By partnering with an experienced and recognised rehabilitation organisation, Overland Health provides you a service that supports the claimant journey whilst still ensuring high quality clinical best-practice. Recognising the importance of operating a best-practice rehabilitation solution that works in synergy with your management of the claim, we have implemented rehabilitation programmes, robust controls and processes to ensure conversions and the control of session numbers, treatment cycles and costs.

What we offer:

  • Compliance with the Rehabilitation Code (2015)
  • Clinically Governed rehabilitation services
  • Market leading turn-around and Service Level Performance
  • Robust processes and controls over treatment timeframes, session numbers and costs 
  • Technology solutions such as web-portal access, web-services and application-to-application integrations
  • Detailed and customisable management information
  • Dedicated account manager

Triage and Screening

Triage Assessment

Compliant with the Rehabilitation Code (2015) our rapid triage and report service provides meaningful information on injury presentation, the impact on function and work, and provides the appropriate recommendation for the type of rehabilitation service required and the number of sessions. Operating with day, evening and weekend hours, our staff will make every attempt to contact the patient to either conduct the assessment, or to schedule a more convenient time to complete the triage. Should a patient not find it convenient or suitable to complete the triage assessment via telephone, we are also able to offer a secure online triage service, which enables an injured person to complete the clinically designed triage in their own time and at their own pace.

Telephone Psychological Screening

Our Telephone Screening Service is designed to rapidly assess the nature and severity of a psychological presentation and determine the most appropriate and effective treatment pathway. Undertaken by a Psychology Professional, we can provide a cost effect way to facilitate early identification of symptoms and provide early access to therapy.

This service is ideal for cases where…

  • There is a pressing need for early psychological treatment, but uncertainty about the best type of treatment
  • The referrer is unsure about whether psychological problems are present.
  • There are psychological problems, but uncertainty about severity or origins. 
  • The referrer does not wish to make a financial commitment before having knowledge of the case, or where funds are limited.

Treatments and Diagnostics

Our range of treatments includes:

  • Telephysio
  • Nationwide Physiotherapy, Chiropractic and Osteopathy services
  • Psychological treatments including counselling, EMDR and CBT 
  • Occupational Rehabilitation and Return-to-Work Services
  • Diagnostic & Medical Services such as x-rays, MRI’s, CT Scans, specialist consultations, treatments and interventions.

Fast Track

We recognise the importance of speed and efficiency for fast-track personal injury claims. Our services are streamlined and managed to ensure speedy administration and processing from the point of referral, to the initial appointment through to discharge, whilst still ensuing our services achieve outcomes for you and your clients, ensure their satisfaction and adherence to rehabilitation best-practices.

Multi Track

Our fast-track rehabilitation services are available for multi-track personal injury cases also, and we cater for a wide range of post-medico-legal report recommendations. For complex and catastrophic injuries requiring intensive oversight, coordination and clinical management, Overland Health work alongside specialist Rehabilitation Case Managers to work with individuals to assess and manage their needs, coordinate their care and overcome barriers to recovery and regain independence, function and return-to-work.

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