Supplier Portal

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Overland Health has developed a time-saving supplier portal that efficiently manages a caseload of patients with a host of functions that promote a high level of service.

By joining our panel of nationwide clinics, we can immediately provide an account to get you started. Once referrals start to flow, a clinic can benefit from the following functions

  • Quick Patient Search
  • Full Patient Caseload View
  • Clinic Network Capacity Management
  • Practitioner Credential Management
  • Patient Progress Data Entry
  • Viewable Performance Data
  • Invoice Submission

By using the portal, telephone and email communication time between clinic and Overland Health is vastly reduced enabling the administration element of patient management to be dealt with efficiently and accurately.

We have received positive feedback about from current panel members regarding the ease at which patient information can be conveniently updated when time allows during busy clinic days, with the facility to manage both clinic appointment capacities and practitioner credentials with a few clicks and key strokes.

Service Level Management

A key feature of the portal is the SLA section, which shows a snapshot of monthly performance broken down by key performance indicator.Our Panel Management Team offers guidance on the service requirements to be an Overland Health panel member.

By reporting this information on a monthly basis through the portal, the development of these criteria can be tracked and this promotes an environment of continuous improvement that will ultimately benefit the patient.If you would like to take advantage of using our portal, please complete this Form or call 0344 241 3352 to speak with our panel management team for more information.