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Having treated over 400,000 patients over the past 8 years, Overland Health is an established and trusted provider of health services. We take pride in building long-term partnerships with our customers to supply the market with the finest patient care, using the best practitioners, the most suitable venues and operating with a highly-skilled team of workers that add value with every file they touch.

Using our blend of healthcare technology, clinical governance and customer service strengths we are able to go beyond expectations by offering a suite of services that fulfil our duty of care to the patient, whilst integrating efficiently with our referrer’s administration process.

To find out how both your firm and your claimants can benefit from our suite of services please contact our Business Development Department on 0344 241 3360.

Smart Approach

We have set ourselves apart from the market by building a dynamic platform that enables us to deal with change quickly and supply relevant management reporting. We are able to give customers full visibility on caseloads through our online portals.

Our intelligent processes reduce risk of over-servicing or therapy drift, and cost controls provide an instructing party with a competitive service rate and, for personal injury claims, a recoverable invoice.

Clinical Approach

We have invested in delivering the best possible treatment for our patients. This has been achieved through several mechanisms that combine to form our clinical governance model, which is predicated upon four key elements:

  • Performance Management
  • Quality Improvement
  • Quality Information
  • Risk Management

We conduct a detailed due diligence process with every service supplier to ensure full compliance with our clinical standards. Our governance extends beyond - for example - a practitioner simply being ‘fit to treat’ as we regularly audit supplier controls and measure performance as a routine task.

We also operate a patient survey process for every injured person who completes treatment, providing Overland health with a vital channel of communication that gives us insight into customer satisfaction.

We share all performance results and relevant feedback with our clinical network, and these benchmarks promote a genuine enthusiasm from our suppliers to show improvement or maintain their high levels of quality.

Our Industry

We operate within an evolving industry which has seen much legislative and regulatory change over the years. This has continually affected clinical and legal processes that have created an almost unrecognisable personal injury environment today compared to a decade ago.

Overland Health has proven time and again to be a resilient, robust, forward-looking business that continually observes the market to develop new opportunities and plan for whatever is coming next.

Our resources and industry contacts empower us to stay ahead of the tide, with a track record of new service developments providing innovative solutions to our customers that open commercial benefits and improved rehabilitation standards.

We are always keen to partner with customers and suppliers to create new opportunities, and we feel being proactive in aiming higher makes our industry stronger and enhances the claimant experience.

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