Clinical Governance

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Clinical Governance is an essential feature of rehabilitation and care. It covers a multitude of on-going interventions that monitor, measure, safeguard and improve standards ensuring excellence and that care is safe, ethical, effective and of high quality.

Evidence based practice is central to our approach, combining the latest research, clinical best practice and patient-centric practices. We have developed a comprehensive framework of clinical governance underpinned by the expertise of our experienced Clinical Governance Team and our technological capability. 

Our Clinical Governance framework includes:

  • Performance Management - ensuring our services adhere to high standards of delivery and care.
  • Quality Improvement – continuous evaluation of our services to make enhancements to our proposition.
  • Quality Information – ensuring the right information is accessible, timely and presented appropriately.
  • Risk Management – our frameworks that ensure safe delivery of our services to all of our patients' needs and circumstances.

Our Clinical Governance Team comprise specialist physical, psychological, and medical practitioners who are impartial in their approach, whilst overseeing and ensure our mission for excellence in healthcare standards is reached.